5 Best Cybersecurity Stocks To Buy Now

So which are the best cybersecurity stocks to buy now? Keep up reading, and you will be informed! We have brought up with Insider Monkey’s latest article. Cbyer security is not only an essential part of the digital world’s protection, but investing in it, also can earn you great profits. The world-wide pandemic has shown us how avoidless it is to be online and what’s more important how to protect ourselves and our personal and business data from digital criminals.

Cyber security sector has seen an incredible growth in the last decades. Either you are at home, or having your favorite coffee in a café, if you are online, you are liable to a potential attack, so-called cyber attack. This is where cyber security companies step in, with firewalls, data leakage protection solutions, some monitoring software and so on. Consequently, the value of cyber security was more than $149.6 billion in 2019, and is reported to reach $304.91 billion by 2027. With blockchain, IoT and the digitalisation of every service imaginable, the need for sophisticated, multi-layered security solutions will keep growing at an increasing rate.

And now, without a further ado, let’s check out the best cyber security companies. At first, on the fourth spot we can see Couldflare (NYSE: NET) having 44 hedge funds and $537 million of hedge fund holdings. Cloudflare is an edge computing leader. It has huge traffic on a daily period. As it offers services, like DDoS mitigation and internet security, it operates as a reverse proxy between you and the websites you visit. The company had its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange in 2019. Up on Insider Monkey’s list, we can find Palo Alto Networks Inc. (NASDAQ: PANW) on the second spot. It has 59 hedge funds and a total value of hedge fund holdings of $319 billion. The company is a real giant related to  providing firewalls and various cloud-based services to extend the functionalities of these firewalls. According to trading, the number of bullish hedge fund positions moved up by 8 in recent months. For further information about the entire list, please jump to best cybersecurity stocks to buy now.

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