5 Best Freelance Websites For Graphic Designers

The 5 best freelance websites for graphic designers may not make you rich, but they sure are the best ways for you to use your Photoshop skills and earn some money on it.

The freelancing has become more and more popular and many people are transferring to this way of making money instead of chasing some offices and corporation like they used to. Of course, everyone would rather stay at home and sit in front of their computer like they are doing right now, but at least, unlike playing the games like before, they are trying to improve themselves and start some business on their own.

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The first issue that you will run into after your registration to some freelancing site is establishing a network of clients. Not because you are not as good as you are supposed to be in order to be employed, but because most of the employers are looking for more experienced and freelancers with as many reviews as they can. They want their jobs done right, and they will always try to go with someone with 5 stars reviews and more than 100 jobs already successfully done. So you besides being a good graphic designer, you have to be a persuasive person. You have to send as many cover letters as you can per a day and there has to be someone who will take you into consideration. If you have some of your previous work that you are proud of on your computer, even better.  Just upload them to your online portfolio and allow your potential employer judge you by your work and not by the time you are spending every day to send your CVs.

On the bright side, once you establish your network and when website developers see your improvement, they will recommend you themselves to the new clients to help you out a bit, and there is no chance you will ever run out of work. Because of the lower prices than some official graphic design offices, freelancers are more in demand than ever. Most of them are charging $5 per an hour, and, after the job is done, employers are paying much less than they would in some office. So freelancing in the graphic design field is a win-win for both employer and employee.

Now, let’s decide where to apply. First of all, you have all heard of Fiverr. This platform is one of the best when it comes to part-time jobs. You won’t be having customers each day and most of the projects you will be doing would be once in a lifetime. In my personal opinion, if you are looking for an online ongoing project, shoot for the Upwork. Most of the job posts are made by more serious clients who are looking forward to more permanent employees to join their team. Besides these two, there are also PeoplePerHour, Toptal, and 99designs. Our advice is: join all 5 of these. None of them is chargeable and you won’t have anything to lose by making your account. Besides, there would be 5 more chances to get at least one job if you apply to all 5 best websites for graphic designers.

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