5 Best Long-Term Stocks To Buy Now

If you like to learn about the stock market and the billionaire managers, keep up reading as we have come up with Insider Monkey’s latest article about the best long-term stocks to buy now.  We may not introduce you the billionaire investor Warren Buffet, and his Berkshire Hathaway, which was founded in 1965. Buffet is also known as the Oracle of Omaha, is the follower of Benjamin Graham’s school of value investing approach. And what does Buffet suggest regarding to stock-picking principles? “Invest in what you know, keep a long-term mindset, identify cheap stocks, compounding and patience are important, and invest like you are buying the entire company”. What is sure, it’s worth keeping his advice.

After all this short introduction, let’s take a look at Insider Monkey’s results. We have sorted out two companies from the entire list, as usual. The first one is the Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) standing on the fifth spot. Moody Corp. is a credit rating firm, and is one of the favorite stocks of Berkshire Hathaway. Buffet first started his position in a rating company twenty years ago, in 2020, by purchasing $499 million of shares. And now, twenty years later, investment of Berkshire in Moody’s is worth more than $7.1 billion, accounting for 3.12% of the portfolio. As a matter of fact, shares of rating companies have risen nearly 1000% for the last decade. Additionally, Berkshire has been pocketing massive cash gains in the form of dividends. The rate of Moody’s annual dividend is $2.24 per share. On the second spot, here’s the evergreen stock of Coca Cola (NYSE:KO). Coca-Cola is one the favorite stocks of Warren Bufet. As a matter of fact, since 1988 Berkshire Hathaway has hold the shares of the consumer discretionary. At those times the shares traded below $4, and currently Coca-Cola shares are trading about $53. Coca-Cola currently means Buffet’s third-largest stock holding valued at $19.7 billion. Since 1995, the company has had nearly $7 billion in dividends from Coke investment, and it’s predicted to earn $600 million annually dividend income from KO investments. For more arresting information, please skip ahead and jump to the best long-term stocks to buy now.

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