5 Best Roll Your Own Cigarette Machines

Which are the best roll your own cigarette machines? Culture changes gradually over time and we end up realizing that what was normal earlier is now no longer acceptable. This is what happened with smoking. While cigarettes were considered an essential part of socializing in the past, smoking is frowned upon today, and public smoking is banned in most places. Governments also impose a high tax on cigarettes to discourage the public from buying cigarettes. Awareness campaigns were also undertaken on a massive scale over the world. All these factors have led to a decline in smoking.

Image Credit: Pixabay

But while smoking has decreased a lot, many people still continue smoking. Rolling your own tobacco has become more popular for several reasons. For one thing, it is much cheaper. You can save up to 50% by rolling your own cigarette. There are also those who believe that rolled cigarettes are much less harmful. And then there are those who love to blend their own tobacco, which then requires rolling. The disadvantage to this is that rolling your own cigarette takes time, skill, and experience. Sometimes, the roll might not be to your satisfaction. This problem can be solved by using a cigarette machine. You put the tobacco in a feed chamber and the rolling paper in a filling tip. When you pull the lever, the cigarette is rolled automatically. There are also automatic cigarette machines, which work at a much faster pace and produce in volume.

Cigarette machines come in different price ranges. We have compiled a list of those which offer the best value for money. One option is Powermatic 2 PLUS, which is an automatic cigarette machine. Priced at $64, the product packs cigarettes properly and quickly. It is cheap in comparison to other products offering the same features. Another option for you would be Top-O-Matic, which can fill 100s and king-size cigarettes. Priced at $42.95, it generally has a long life. There are much more such options on our list of best roll your own cigarette machines. The data is taken from customer feedback on Amazon’s cigarette accessories section. The ranking is done according to the average rating of users. The number of users was also taken into consideration when making this list. All our choices have an average rating of more than 4 on Amazon.

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