5 Biggest Logistics Companies in the World

Interested in the biggest logistics companies in the world? Great! Then follow our article about Insider Monkey’s latest compilation. Perhaps logistics has never been so important as nowadays when the world has to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to go under self-isolation, and had to learn “new expressions”, such as social distance, world panic, hedge-hopping of the world economy etc. For months we could only order foods from supermarkets, or we had a little period during the day when we could arrange our to-do lists. Although many industries had to close up for a while, ligistics companies flourished.

Logistics is among the most profitable industries, especially these days. If we say logistics is worth a jawdropping $8 trillion, we didn’t say anything, as the economical predictions forecast an incredible growing by $9 billion in the next 4 years! You may be surprised but it’s the pure truth. Considering that everything we consume comes from China, we can easily realize that the increasing tendency of this industry is obvious. Nevertheless we think it’s important to remonstrate that a logistics company is not only a freighting company, as its task is not just to carry things from A to B. But they are responsible for the storige as well, and they have lots of other functions. These companies, as you will see, have a large number of employees, lots of agencies in several countries. And yes, extremely high profit is made.

And now, let’s see two of the top five companies. The first one, XPO Logistics makes $12,144 million net sales with more than one hundred thousand employees in 30 countries, but these amazing numbers are enough for only the fifth place. The next on in our short summary is DB Schenker with a net sale worth $19,349 milion. The company has around 72,000 employees in many countries. In order to gain more information about these mammoths, read the entire article of top 10 logistics companies in the world.

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