5 Countries With the Highest Standard of Living

If you consider moving to another country, check out the 5 countries with the highest standard of living published by Insider Monkey recently. In this compilation you will see beautiful countries, where living can be a dream. In one hand its great, but on the other part if everything went in an ideal way in the world, there wouldn’t need to write this article. It‘s an utopia I know, and especially looking at the year of 2020, we can see this world is extremely far from our dreams. We have had to face with a terrible pandemic that stroke the whole world. Poor people have become poorer, and even the richest countries have felt the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. What was the best way to survive coronavirus? Most of the countries closed their boundaries, people went under sel-isolation, while others such as Sweden didn’t make any restrictions. People here could work and lead a life they usually do. The result was not as bad as we could have thought at the beginning. As a matter of fact, nothing dramatic happened there. Sweden has remained a welfare country as it was before.

But lets take a look at the five countries now! The first one is Norway, which is among the most wonderful countries in the world if not the most wonderful one. The living standard is extremely high, as its economy is stable, social web is strong, and people can earn enough money to be able to live a mentally and phisically healthy life. You will see Iceland on the compilation, of course. Although it has a population of 300,000 and most of the country isnt habitated, people in Iceland can enjoy a very comfortable life. We cant skip Switzerland either, as its among the richest countries across the globe. Have you ever been to Denmark? If so, then you know how great country it is. Surprisingly or not, but Denmark is followed by Australia as the winner of the 15 countries with the highest standard of living in the world.

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