5 Countries with the Highest Suicide Rates in the World

Committing suicide has haunted through the whole history of human being so today we are discussing the 5 countries with the highest suicide rates in the world. This year the number of suicides have increased. Why? The reason is the COVID-19 pandemic. Humanity had to face with such a severe pandemic about 100 years ago, when the Spanish influenza swept in the world. Then hundreds of thousands died of it, and now 100 years later we also have to struggle with a fatal pandemic. Now, as people are forced into self-isolation, lost their jobs, lots of people feel their life beyong hope. They think there’s no way for having a better life again, so they commit suicide. This year there have been more than 940,000 deaths, which is shocking. If you have problems, you feel trapped, or you don’t know who to turn to, please believe that there’s help for you, and you do have an egress out of the dark forest you are in now. Do not miss asking for help, there are lots of possibilities in every town; social workers, pschycologists and other experts are ready to help you! Do not turn into yourself, and do not think there’s no help for you. You need to do just one step forward at the same time, and you will be able to get over the difficulties.

Now let’s see what countries are present on this sorrowful list. Ukraine is here, and as a matter of fact it’s on the list of the countries with the most alcohol related deaths, too. Zimbabwe’s fate is not that exhilarant either, as people had to cope with poverty and instable economy, so no wonder there are lots of suicides here. Then, here’s Lithuania with almost 29 finished suicides per 100,000 people, which is far too many. Lesotho is on the list as well, due to the terrible poverty the have to face with. And what is really surprising, Greenland is also present on the compilation with an extremely high number of people who commit suicide. For more discussion and facts, click the 10 countries with the highest suicide rates.

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