5 Easiest Bible Versions to Read and Understand for Beginners

If you are not already familiar with terms and stories related to the Holy Book or are not the native English speaker, but you are keen to check the Bible pages in English, you should start with any of 5 easiest Bible versions to read and understand for beginners.

The Bible is the oldest and first printed book ever. It contains the stories about the God, Jesus, saints, and ordinary people and actions and sacrifices they gave to get closer to God. Although the atheism is on the rise, it still is the most sold book ever.

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It is translated into 636 languages, but it also has around 108 versions. The problem with reading the Bible is that there are as many interpretations as there are readers because the original version is rather too complicated to be understood. There are terms that the modern society is not really capable of understanding, as well as the writing rules.

But the biggest reason why there are so many versions of the Bible in the world is that the original bible is written in Hebrew. So it is like taking the Google translate and translating one sentence from one language to another 50 times in a row. At the end, you will get the statement that has nothing to do with the original.

In order to bring the Bible closer to all readers, different authors decided to make varieties of the Bible according to the different reading levels and age. These versions are written in the so-called common language and adjusted to readers. So, today, you can buy the original Bible in church if you are experienced enough, but you can also buy illustrated versions in every corner so that you can read the Bible stories to your child as the bedtime stories.

Many of these versions are completely explained so, with the common language as well as the simplified sentences, nowadays everyone can read the Bible without having to read between the lines.

One of the most recommended Bible version in the world for beginners is the New International version that has the right balance between the words and thoughts and it is written in the way that touches your heart with each new sentence.

As the Insider Monkey’s writer said in the article: ’’Reading the Bible should not feel like a chore, which is why it is crucial to find the one version that is perfect for you–your reading level and understanding level.’’ So let’s see his report about 5 easiest Bible versions to read and understand for beginners and find the perfect one for you.

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