5 Easiest Countries to Immigrate to from The United States

Are you planning to move to a foreign country? Great! We are here to help you with the list of the 5 easiest countries to immigrate to from the United States. Leaving your home country for a lifetime is never an easy issue. There can be several reasons for deciding to do so. If you are an American, you are in a good position, as Americans are really welcomed everywhere. So, read through the compilation and get ready your passport to start the most exciting adventure of your life!

But not let’s see what Insider Monkey have investigated for us! Firstly, here’s Malta. It’s really the God’s country and if you can call it your home, you are lucky. Malta is a party to the Schengen Agreement, so you can get a visa-free entry, and if you want to obtain for citizenship, you have to live there for 6 years and make an investment €800,000. Malta is followed by New Zealand, which is one of the most beautiful ones, if not the most beautiful itself with its mountainous landscape and rivers, lakes. If you want to get the citizenship, you have to live there and invest NZD 3 million. The charming Ireland is the next one on our list. If you live there for a year, you can obtain for citizenship. Sweden is a frequent destination for those who want to live in a country where high living standards are there. If you live there for 5 years and make an investment of €100,000, you can get citizenship. After living in Canada for three years and making an investment of CAD 125,000 you can obtain for your citizenship. Canada is among the best countries in the world, as it has a very stable economy, Canadians are very friendly and it’s not far from the United States, you can visit your family and friends whenever you want to. Just couple of hours of flying and you can be at home. You will get further important information if you skip to the list of the 15 easiest countries to immigrate to from the United States.

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