5 Indisputable Proofs of Aliens Visiting Earth

What are the Indisputable Proofs of Aliens Visiting Earth? You can contemplate at the list of absolute proofs about aliens visiting Earth if you are speculating the activity and life on the other planets. Humans have been preoccupied and captivated by the findings on, by the existence of the other forms of life, external to our circle of awareness. This is due to the fact, of an existence of the other solar systems and planets.

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These ceaseless and demanding questions have been answered in the tested and approved way by the NASA in the scientific know-how. These unknown planets have, as per our proof, have plenty of supply of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, identical in size and equal distance to their suns. All this shows us that they may have lives present in them. Nowadays it is not difficult to keep a record of the UFO sightings, with the advancement of the science. Ten most trustworthy UFO sightings have been recorded in the list, which is ten in number and seems to be quite real. This has been possible, because of the evidence and authentication provided by the masses over the centuries.

The proof has also been provided by the scientific research, of the presence of life as a non-human form in other planets. Ancient Long Skull, Baltic-Sea Anomaly, and 300 million- year -old screw are some of the Indisputable Proofs of Aliens Visiting Earth. Ancient Long Skull is a human skull, which was alien like a long skull of a woman being found in Russia. It made lots of fuss and commotion at that time. They found near the skull, ceramic whorls, iron knife, fragments of a small jug and small beads. Explorer Peter Lindberg, while exploring the sea found something strange at the bottom of the sea in the year 2012. They saw an object, with 20 or 25 meters in height, with a ravine in the center. It is said to 14,000 years old. It is also said to be, made out of metal which is slanted and crooked. Now, we come to the 3oo million old screw. The Russians in the region of Kaluga had discovered a particular article, in the year 1990. It was a screw fixed on a rock, which seemed to be 300 million years old. They say that it might have been done by the aliens or the highly scientific humans.

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