5 Most Profitable TV Shows in 2020

As winter is coming with lightning speed, we much prefer to nestle in our apartment covered in a blanket, and watch TV therefore let’s take a look at the 5 most profitable TV shows in 2020. It’s a late October Sunday when I’m writing this article, and wondering about Christmas time with its (hopefully) snow white landscape, and I’m thinking of what we will be doing then. What is sure, after having long walks in the fresh air, we’ll come home and see what’s on TV. However, as for me and my family, we don’t watch TV very often, we much prefer movies, either we go to a cinema, or check Nteflix. TV itself has had a long time since the “ancient times”, as at the very beginning it broadcast only news, later on audience could watch that gorgeous silent films and admire the movie stars of the first sound films. What an excellent and amusing star Charlie Chaplin was! How people loved him and his films! Then, decades went away quickly and we are here in 2020 and spend lots of time with watching the “Magic Box”.

When I was young, in my country there wasn’t broadcast on Monday (anyway, shops were also closed on Mondays, which seems to be funny for you guys, out there), and on the others broadcasting started only at four pm. We had a bedtime story at half past six every evening on TV, then we had to go to sleep. Then, the first Western TV channel came into our country, and we could watch American movies every day! As of 2020, there are hundreds of TV channels around the world, and we have internet where we can see hundreds of thousands of movies any time, anywhere.

As we don’t want to uncover all the TV shows from Insider Monkey’s list, here we name only two of them. If you want to know which TV show tops the list of the 10 most profitable TV shows in 2020, please click the link. At first, here’s Young Sheldon, which doesn’t need to be introduced to you, I think. It got the fifth spot on the compilation, with its 11,449,500 viewers! Then, Blue Bloods is also present on the list with an incredible 11,961,000 viewers.

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