5 States with the Lowest Diabetes Rates in America

We have already discussed the highest rates, now let’s see the top 5 states with the lowest diabetes rates in America. Insider Monkey has published a great article again recently that will teach us lots of useful things on diabetes. Diabetes, the silent killer spreads quickly across the welfare countries. This is because we eat too much, too often and we really neglect physical exercises. We go by car everywhere, any time. We consume refined sugar with large amount of carbohydrate and let’s confess: we eat far too much meat. Even couple of decades ago people ate meat only once or twice a week, but now we have it every day, several times a day. We have large refrigerators with large quantity of food in them, and many of us eat all day. No wonder we suffer from various diseases, and diabetes is only one of them. Of course, the whole world is paying attention to the pandemic this year, and every other thing is only on the second spot. But until then, diabetes overtakes its victims, too – so we do need to take care of it.

But if we try to eat even a little less, do some physical exercises on a daily period, decrease consuming of refined sugar and so much carbohydrates, you have already done a lot for you health. Diabetes can result a death, that no-one can wish for themselves. Therefore, stand up from your armchairs, go to the fresh air, and buy a little bit more vegetables and fruit!

After this short introduction let’s see which states can boast with the lowest rates related to diabetes. Minnesota comes for first, with only 7.6%. Then we can see Vermont with 7.3% which is really great. Then here is South Dakota, which seems to be home to lots of healthy people. It’s followed by Montana then Colorado. Click here for further information about the 10 states with the lowest diabetes rates in America.

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