5 Websites To Buy Cigarettes Online With Free Shipping

Which are the websites to buy cigarettes online with free shipping? Culture changes gradually over time and we end up realizing that what was normal earlier is now no longer acceptable. This is what happened with smoking. While cigarettes were considered an essential part of socializing in the past, smoking is frowned upon today, and public smoking is banned in most places. Governments also impose a high tax on cigarettes to discourage the public from buying cigarettes. Awareness campaigns were also undertaken on a massive scale over the world. All these factors have led to a decline in smoking.

Image Credit: Pixabay

But while smoking has decreased a lot, many people still continue smoking. However, there has been a shift in the way people purchase their cigarettes. Though the local street corner vendors are still around, many people prefer to buy tobacco and cigarettes online because it is cheaper and there is more variety on offer. The reason for this is that these sites purchase cigarettes from countries where cigarettes are cheap and sell it to countries where the price of the product is higher. In some cases, they also offer free shipping, which can end up with a great deal for you!

But you have to be rather careful where you buy your cigarettes from. It could be dangerous to smoke bad quality products and you would probably prefer to avoid smuggled cigarettes. To avoid these pitfalls, we bring you a list of websites to buy cigarettes online with free shipping. These sites are considered reliable and have a good reputation. One company on the list is Cigarettes Pub. It is an international company that sells cigarettes and other tobacco products around the world and is certified according to European standards. The company sells duty-free cigarettes, which means great prices for you! There are a variety of brands on offer and the shipping is completely free.

Another option for you is Smokers-Mall. This site too brings you a large variety of brands and types of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, clove cigarettes, loose tobacco, as well as lighters and other accessories. The site has everything a smoker could possibly require and what’s more, it offers free shipping. The customer service is excellent as well. For more information on great sites for cigarettes, do check out our list.

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