5 Worst States for Suicide in the US

Now we are going to speak about the 5 worst states for suicide in the US. Suicide is a final escape for those who can’t cope with difficulties. It’s never too late to ask for help so, if you feel you are in trouble, please contact with an expert who can hel you! Couple of years ago I lived in the outskirt of a small village. Behind my house there was a little forest. One day an old lady hanged herself on a young tree behind my garden. There was a narrow path running there, and a passer-by noticed the lady. He run for help and I also went to see if I could do something. Meanwhile her son arrived there too, and tried to reanimate her. We called the ambulance, but by the time they arrived, the lady had died. Actually, I think she had already been dead when the passer-by cut the rope. Despite it was awful, the lady’s face was so calm… When the ambulance got there, I left as I didn’t want to gape. The woman passed away and I thought of her for a long time. While trying to reanimate his mother, the son told me she kept looking that certain tree, and said many times she would hang herself on it. Never forget: take seriously if someone speaks about committing suicide. And if you have problems, do not miss asking for help, as believe me there’s always someone who can help you! Don’t be shy and don’t think it’s s shame that you can’t solve your problems alone!

As for the states, we can see Arizona with 1,400 finished suicides. It’s followed by Utah with a sad statistics. Missouri also can be seen on this list, which is bad reputation for this state. New Mexico is among the top five, so this state really has lots to do in connection with suicides. And unfortunately Colorado hits the top on the list of the 10 worst states for suicides in the US.

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