6 Apps Like Gigwalk, Field Agent and Easyshift

If you want to make some “beermoney” it is worth reading the article about apps like Gigwalk, Field Agent and Easyshift. With Insider Monkey’s latest article you can discover those apps that will help you with earning some extra money. As the internet spread worldwide, lots of sites and apps came into limelight that offer you some earnings. As for me, I have always been skeptical with them, but it’s interesting to read about this topic.

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Unfortunately there are pots of scam apps, but there are good ones too, that you can turn to if you want to try this opportunity. Some of these apps offer tasks that revolve around performing simple actions like taking pictures of products, store displays or being a secret shopper. With these kinds of apps, you can earn a bit more money than you would by watching videos. The payment methods are usually the same. I think it is worth trying it. Insider Monkey has investigated the legal apps for us, so we don’t need to spend time with searching them.

We have picked three apps from their list for now. Check them, with us! The first is Acorn Hunt. Its’ Google Play rating is 4.3. Acorn Hunt could probably get higher, but it didn’4 get iTune rating. Everything else points out that the app is indeed legit and can be used in more than 1,000 cities. You can do tons of stuff to earn money. There are all the usual survey taking and video watching options, but there are also tasks. They include product testing, mystery shopping and photographing products in stores. Some can be worth as high as $25. So if you have time to do some legwork, it is a really good option for you. The second one we have chosen for you is iPoll. Its Google Play rating is 3.7 (lower than Acorn Hunt’s) but it got iTunes rating, that is 3.5. This app offers you the opportunity to participate in surveys about products and places you visit. After you complete the profile, you’ll be offered tasks based on your location, interests, and qualifications. The “mission” requirements include taking pictures of products, testing products or visit stores and fast food chains and providing feedback. The app will welcome you with a $5 bonus, but you can make a withdrawal only when you amount to $50.

For any further useful tips, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about 6 apps like Gigwalk, Field Agent and Easyshift.

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