6 Easiest and Safest Convertible Car Seats to Install

Finishing different errands is always a lot faster when you go with your car, especially if you have children, which is why having some of the easiest and safest convertible car seats to install is always the right call.

When I was a child, we really didn’t have those fancy car seats that we do now. While I was a baby, I was driven in someone’s arms and when I got older, I knew how to sit straight and not move during the whole drive, no matter where we were ahead. Even worse, I didn’t even have a seatbelt on me.

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The truth is, car seats are the greatest safety solution there is, especially for single parents or when it comes to driving somewhere without anyone else with you and the child. Personally, I am a paranoid mother who wouldn’t ever sit in the car with my child behind if there were no car seats. But there is one problem: they might be the safest but they are sometimes the most complicated solution.

First of all, you need to pick the right one according to the age. There are the ones that are only for the newborns that I personally see as some strange bags. After that, there come car seats for children under the 18 moths that have 1 to 3 positions and a kid can lie or sit in the half. My kid hated that one and after I tried those positions in a chair, I totally got it why. After that, it is time to buy a brand new one, that will last for the next 1,5 years or by the age of 4. And last, but not the least important, the car seat for children under the age of 12. Ok, who is really going to drive a 10-year-old in a car seat? But, that’s the law and you have to either pay the fine or make your kid sit straight.

The other problem is installing it. Until now, I had 3 different car seats for my child and the freakish thing was that all had the different installing method. One was firmed with the belt on the side, the other from the back and I have a luck that I have never taken off the third one since there is no chance that I could ever put them back.
In order to avoid this kind of issue, check out the list of 6 easiest and safest convertible car seats to install that Insider Monkey found so far.

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