6 Easiest Countries To Immigrate To From Pakistan

Which are the Easiest Countries to immigrate to from Pakistan? If you are planning to leave Pakistan in search of a new place you can immigrate to some of the best countries as your new destination. There are six countries on the list. There may be many reasons as to why people would like to immigrate to a new place from Pakistan. Reasons are many like terrorism, rebellion, poverty, starvation, and other factors. As Pakistan has become the very unsafe place to reside they had to take this extreme step of leaving their country. Some immigrate with their families, while others alone, to earn and remit the money to their families in Pakistan. They move to those countries which generally give shelter to them and which are immigration friendly. They choose this destination as they give citizenship to them, after they have lived for some years, or they have skills which that country needs. The approval taken to grant immigration to Pakistan citizen depends on various factors, like whether you are applying for a working visa or seeking asylum while staying in that country. The people tend to choose the location based on the geographical factor, or due to their relatives residing there.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Some prefer those countries where English is predominant as they are comfortable with that language. Approximately 1,360,000 Pakistani people have immigrated to the United Kingdom in 2010. We have compiled the list from Quora and Immi group as to which countries are immigration friendly and where they are actually immigrating in large numbers. Then we looked into how many Pakistani people immigrated to and are living in that country, and numerically sorted them out. Internet Archive was used to get the information as it was most reliable.

United Arab Emirates, Norway, and the USA are some of the Easiest Countries to immigrate to from Pakistan. UAE needs a huge labor force. People who are hard-working find them as a great opportunity to go and work here as they offer good living conditions. More than 13% of the Pakistanis population are in UAE which is about 1,600,000.In the US, about 363,699 Pakistani reside. Many immigrate to this country because of its democratic outlook. Norway also has 35,000 Pakistan people living there. It is also a popular destination for Pakistan people. As compared to Europe this country is preferred for its living conditions.

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