6 Low Cost Small Food Franchise Opportunities Under $5000

If you have saved some money up to $5,000 and you were looking for the best business to invest it in, take a look at 6 low cost small food franchise opportunities under $5,000.

Buying a franchise is sometimes a lot better decision that opening some restaurant on your own. First of all, because of all of the additional costs that you would have if you decide to open something on your own and, the second thing is that, if you choose the franchise, you will be getting into already established and secured market.

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The price of franchises depends on the size and the brand, but mostly on the business plan, you are willing to start with. If you want to start big immediately, you will need a bigger space, harder advertisement, and more employees. Either way, no matter how much money you plan on investing, be prepared that 50% of the whole amount will go to the advertisement. Depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend and you are planning on refunding, you can choose some home based franchises that cost less, but earn you a big time or you can risk a bit more with already well-established and exclusive restaurants, but you should already start saving up some cash because they are not cheap at all.

But no matter which franchise you choose to start with, according to the Franchise direct, if your business plan is done right and blindly respected, you can expect your invested money to return to your bank account in less than two years. One more interesting fact found on Franchise direct is that 80% of McDonald’s restaurants aren’t actually in ownership of the initial creator of this brand, but these 80%, or 35,000 restaurants, to be more exact, are actually franchises.
But how does each meal taste same in each one of them? Well, that’s the beauty when it comes to franchises. When buying some of them, you are not just buying a logo and the name, you are also buying the recipes, direct and sales help, advertisement and management guidelines and service and the personal team that will work with you and your employees from the scratch until you get on your own feet. Let’s be real, giving up the name and the logo doesn’t mean that initial owner’s job is done here. After all, it is their business we are talking about and none of them wants to see their brainchild falling apart just because some inexperienced new owner opened a new store. Failure of one restaurant, store, or whatever, affects badly on the entire brand, just like success improves its further sale and business.

Without any further ado, I present to you 6 low-cost small franchise opportunities under $5,000.

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