6 Tips on Becoming a LuLaRoe Consultant to Make Monkey

Have you ever heard about LuLaRoe? Do you think that it is a good way to make money? If so, here are 6 tips on becoming a LuLaRoe consultant to make money. On the other hand, if you aren’t sure what LuLaRoe was, stick with me to find out and then decide if it is something that fits your needs.

For the ones who never heard about LuLaRoe before, it is a fashion store where women can buy comfortable, stylish clothes for a cheaper price, but, at the same time, the opportunity for creative and talented people to join in to make the line on their own. Sounds good so far?

Pixabay/Public Domain

The initial idea came from the owner of the website, DeAnne, the single mother of seven children, who got sick and tired of being a stay-at-home mom without any incomes since no one would hire her part-time. This is why she struggled some time balancing the personal and working life. She wanted to spend the time with her kids, which wouldn’t be possible if she would find some decent job that, on the other hand, she couldn’t skip doing because she had her 7 little angels to take care of. So, she found the best solution and that was the LuLaRoe.

After her self-employed idea was well excepted and got a success with network marketing, she realized that she is not the only one who had trouble settling everything down. Face it, if you are a female, you will eventually have to give up on something. Either you will pause or lose your career path due to raising your kids or you won’t accomplish yourself as a mother due to chasing the career. DeAnne was in this situation so she opened the door of her business to all stay-at-home moms who were capable and talented of joining her in making new fashion line, or at least capable of becoming one of the advertisement or sales person of the line.

Now take a little time to think this through. What do you want in your life? Would you like to spend your day just chasing around your kids and taking the rest when they are out or you want to get involved with LuLaRoe and have some additional incomes for you and your family? There aren’t right and wrong answers, it is your call completely. But if you are the second type, don’t be shy or too afraid to try with LuLaRoe. DeAnne started it from scratch and look where she is now. You can risk it and start something by yourself. Or just join her in her journey of becoming bigger company one day. So, if you want to be a part of her team, here are 6 tips on becoming a LuLaRoe consultant to make money.

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