7 Best Medical Documentaries on Amazon Prime

What are the Best Medical Documentaries on Amazon Prime? Medicine is a fascinating branch of science and you can view the Best Medical Documentaries on Amazon Prime even if you are not related to the medical profession. The way of practice and the medicines themselves have changed over the years but what has remained constant is the aim. It is to cure people and make them healthy. It is to fight against the diseases. Today, though we have advanced treatments, not everyone is able to access it. Good quality of care and medicines are hard to come by for the common people. The system itself contains many problems. Many documentaries regarding this have come up.
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Due to improper knowledge or spreading of rumors, many have started to lose faith medicines. One example is that of vaccination. Over the years, it has become a common idea that vaccination causes autism which is simply not true! There is no scientific proof of this but the public believes it. There are many conspiracy theories floating around which claim that pharmaceutical companies are not open with the cures they have in order to be able to make a bigger profit. Totally tired of this, there are others who are willing to try alternative methods for curing their health problems. Unfortunately, not many of them are efficient leading those who try it to weaken further to a point where even the mainstream medicine cannot help them. Amazon’s video streaming service is now present in over 200 countries though the collection of content differs from country to country.

We looked through the titles are Amazon Prime subscribers can stream and selected those which are medicine related. These were ranked according to their rating on Amazon and the number of users who have rated them. We did not consider those which had 5 or fewer ratings. Read on to know more!

Under Our Skin, Ride with Larry, and Forgotten Plague are some of the Best Medical Documentaries on Amazon Prime. Under Our Skin has an Amazon rating of 4.8 and 389 user ratings! Ride with Larry also has 4.8 ratings while the number of ratings by the users is 50. Forgotten Plague is rated 4.6 on Amazon and it has 89 ratings by the users. Check out the complete list of the medical documentaries to know more about the field of science as well as to differentiate between the truth and the rumors.

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