7 Easiest Genres To Get Published

If you are looking forward to becoming a novelist, you better check 7 easiest genres to get published, especially if you are new in business.

As an experienced writer, I have to admit that my job is sometimes a lot harder than people might think. The majority of office employees see writers as people who do the same job as anyone else could. ’’It isn’t as hard as they say’’, they use to say.’’Why are you complaining? You just need to sit down and write about everything you want and someone will read it. It isn’t really a profession, just a hobby’’. I wish! Even the best writers changed their stories a lot. They threw away dozens of papers before they finished the first draft, not to even mention the whole book. Today, it is a bit easier and better for the environment in that sense. Most of us are writing in word, so we can delete the content whenever we want and add more words and thoughts in it. But it doesn’t mean that everything just flows.

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Even coming up with the title is hard. It is maybe even the hardest part of the writing process. You have to come up with some eye-catching title that will attract more readers, but at the same time be related to the topic that you are writing about. The second thing is the idea of the novel. Most of the writers have some thoughts before they start writing, but it is just the initial idea that can be written in 10 pages tops. But who would buy the book that spent more paper on covers and deductions, than on the real story? So, in order to get a good deal for your book, you need to establish some ground rules. First of all, you have to be determined to finish it and not pay the attention to a due date. Unless you are working better under the pressure. In that case, have the due date as well. Then, you need to come up with the whole story and write it in an interesting way so that people would enjoy it. The benefit is that you can come up with the plot on the way. The whole point is to know where and how to start. Unless you choose to write for children, forget about ’’Once upon a time…’’

The only thing harder than writing is finding the publisher. Each publisher would look at several features before they offer you a contract. First of all, they will look into the targeting groups for your genre and find people who will read it and give honest reviews. Publishers are actually the voices of people. They are the ones that will know for sure if your novel is a selling and reading material or not. But don’t be alarmed if you are not accepted for the first time. Do you know how many writers had to collect money on their own to publish their first book but are now swimming in money? Sometimes, even the experienced publishers make mistakes. But before you do it, give someone from your surrounding who is objective enough or share your book with people without revealing the artist and get the feedback. If they are good enough, check your piggy bank. If not, try again. If writing is your passion, don’t give up! You can and you are good enough! Don’t doubt yourself!

The thing that the publishers will pay attention to the most is the amount of money they can earn by selling your books. So, if your piggy bank is empty, take a look at 7 easiest genres to get published and choose the one that fits you the best. Or just mix them, people love it!

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