7 US Airlines That Have Widest Seats in Economy Class

Each time you travel via airplane, first of all, you are looking for the safest and double checked airline. But, besides the safety, there are certain things that also make this decision easier and those are the Wi-Fi access, the power outlet, polite staff and, the most important, the price and comfortable and wider seats. And we have here 7 US airlines that have widest seats in economy class.

This might come as a hard job that will take you more time than expected for just one part of the trip, but when you look at it closer, you will realize that this will actually make your decision a lot easier.  Just do the thing we do whenever we make a new ranking list. Take all the important parameters for each airline and rank them separately. The number of parameters is completely irrelevant. There can be 2 and even 22 different parameters and, believe me, the more parameters you have, the better results would be. And after you take each parameter into consideration, just do the math and you will find your perfect airline. It is important to know that you might end up with some average airline at the end, but at least the whole service will be average and it is better than having a complete satisfaction for one thing and complete dissatisfaction for 4 other parameters.

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Just to help you out a bit, we compiled the list of the US airlines with the widest seats in the economy class. Before we reveal our top seven it is important to mention that the average size of the seats in an airplane is 18 inches, but if you are willing to spend some extra cash, you can end up having a seat where you can easily sleep during the whole trip.

As always, we took all of the trustable resources. This time, it was the Seat Guru as the main source. Our team took into consideration both short-haul and long-haul flights and found the ones that have seats wider than 30 inches on average. Of course, when you make your own list, take the price into consideration as well, since our ranking methodology is only based on the width and not the whole service in general.

So now we are finally ready to proceed to our list of 7 US airlines that have widest seats in economy class by clicking on the link.

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