8 Best Countries To Live In Europe in 2017

Which are the Best Countries to Live in Europe in 2017? If a person is not having a happy and delightful time in the place he is staying, probably he would like to move to another place. We have created this list of the best places to live in Europe. The ongoing political scenery in the US has made people unhappy and some of them are considering moving to another country. Some of those who do not want to stay in the US might probably like to go and settle down in Europe. Europe has 51 independent states which defer in their culture and country.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Europe as a continent is vast, with lots of space and with countless and endless variety of cultures in different countries. So, it would be a mistake to throw in common remarks about such a continent as Europe. But it can be said that weather-wise and politically it is better a place live in. This is because it is basically connected to the European Union which makes it easier for the people to go on a holiday and stay there too. EU is quite satisfactorily dealing with the traveling ideas.

The most welcome and affordable countries and cities to live in are given in this list. We have created this list keeping in mind the quality of life in these countries and cities. Here, the provided statistics take in the detailed version of the factors that provide the quality of living. US News and Numbeo are some of the sites from which we had taken help. The best city to live is known by the quality of life and it is in general terms accepted as the better city to live in. It comes on the top of our list.

Austria, Spain, and Portugal are a few of the best countries to live in Europe in 2017. The quality of life in Austria is 190.37. The life in Austria is unhurried and easy going. It is well-known that it is one of the highly developed countries. The population here is very happy and the standard of living is also very high. The quality of life in Spain is 183.65. It has a very low cost of living, besides having a high quality of living, it is also known to be the world’s best city to live in the European continent in the year 2017. The quality of life in Portugal is 178.43. The social belief of the country is that every person matters. It is a peaceful country.

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