8 Best Steak Cooking Classes in NYC

Which are best steak cooking classes in NYC? Beef is a staple of Western cuisine, and the ability to make a good steak can make or break a restaurant. Often, grilling the perfect steak is a mark of achievement for a good cook. It has to be perfectly done to suit your tastes, and the right mix of sauces and sides ought to be included in the meal. For some, this comes with practice, but for others, joining a cooking class might be very helpful. New York City is known for his culinary heritage and its vast number of excellent restaurants. Cookery classes dedicated to several cuisines abound in the city, and for a beef-lover, finding a good cookery class can be a godsend. Steak cooking classes can be classified in a criteria of its own, and of these, there are several in the city. So if you have your heart set on learning how to make the perfect steak, then consider one of the following options.

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A good option for learning how to cook a steak is Breaking Down Beef. This course covers everything from the beginning and is attuned towards newbie cooks, who don’t have a lot of experience. The course costs only $65 and is rated 5 stars. The Great New York Steakhouse offers a variety of steak dishes in its repertoire. You can start off with a basic steak menu that includes not just the basic steak dish, but also a variety of dishes to go along with it. The cost of the course is around $130 per person and the course is rated quite high at 4.4 stars. Once you finish the first course, you can also sign up for a second course at the same price, where you will be learning a completely different menu.

Of course, what would cooking be without a French touch? Steaks are highly popular in France, and the French method of serving a good steak is taught in The French Steakhouse. The course, priced at $130 also covers the French way of making sauces and sides that complement a French meal. The course rates highly at 4.2 stars. For more information on the best steak cooking classes in NYC, you can check out our list, created with information from Vimbly and Class Curious. The list is based on user reviews and is based on general popularity.

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