8 Countries that Export the Most Plastic in the World

Which are the Countries that Export the Most Plastic in the World? Some of the countries are large exporters of plastic. You are likely to know about the 3D printing that everyone is crazy about in the developed world. You should also know about the production in the printing Labs. Prosthetic limbs, guns, bows, and shower heads are all produced in the labs. These can be produced from any collection of raw- materials, like steel or glass. But among these, the most well-known is the plastic. The plastic is made of petrochemicals and it can be cast into any pattern. Plastic has replaced those materials that are traditional in nature like glass, wood, leather, metal, ceramic, and anything else by which something can be manufactured. As the population is increasing, the usage is also growing, and as a result, plastic is used in many places where it should not be used.

Image Credit: Pixabay

The used plastic bottles, amounting to 14billion lbs. are dumped into the ocean every year. 1% of the plastic trash from the sewers floats to the ocean regularly. Once this plastic is thrown into the ocean, it will take from 500 to 1000 years to degrade. For cleaning this mass of plastic heaps, scientists say that they need 630 ships which are capable of holding 226 million kilograms of trash. The developed nations use plastic in building pipes, siding, and plumbing. It is been used for packaging also. Around 40% of the plastic is used in packaging in India alone. A list has been compiled of the world’s biggest plastic exporters.

That country which is the biggest plastic exporter in the world is also the biggest producer of plastic goods. Germany, Italy, and Taiwan are examples of the countries that export the most plastic in the world. Germany produces $ 7.8 billion and it has 11.8% of total Exports. Germany’s plastic production is rubber and plastic recycling, machine manufacturing, and other operations which include plastic. Italy produces $2.6 billion and it has 3.9 Exports. Luxottica, an eye brand, many other fashion brands like Prada, Armani, Gucci and Versace, Indesit, and home appliances need plastic in some capacity. Taiwan produces $1.9 billion, and it has 2.9% of the total exports. Taiwan has the largest plastic production industry, with up to 700 Member Corporation. The main is Formosa Plastics Group which produces a collection of plastic products like PVC.

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