8 Countries That Produce the Most Refugees in the World

What makes the countries that produce the most refugees in the world that unsuitable and hard to live in?

According to the report done by Insider Monkey, out of 65.3 million people that were forced to leave their homes by the end of 2015, even 21.3 million are refugees. According to the UNHCR, every 60 seconds, 6 people were forced to flee their homes, while, in only one decade, this number jumped by 400%.

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One of the biggest reason why people from other countries are without second-thoughts leaving everything behind and leave their country to find a shelter in some other country, even if they would have to live like homeless people out there are the wars.

As refugees, people are facing great problems, such as living on the streets, not being able to get green cards or even IDs, not being able to find any job, and even starve to death or die from cold. Of course, in the majority of countries, there is no medical institution that is willing to make the exception and provide the medical care to them. Although there are asylums in every country in the world, they don’t have big capacity enough to welcome all people in trouble.

So can you imagine how the countries that produce the most refugees in the world have bad conditions that all of them are better living on the streets of some foreign country where they don’t even know the language?

As you might already assume, Syria is one of the countries where the most refugees origin from. According to Insider Monkey’s research, there were 4.9 million refugees in December 2016. The main reason why so many Syrian people are running away from their homes is the civil war that is on since 2011. The Syrian refugees are now dispersed over 120 countries, although the majority of them are the Syrian neighbors: Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, and Turkey. But Germany and Sweden are also hosting a large number of Syrian refugees, counting down 167,000 refugees who have Syrian origins. Along with Somalia and Afghanistan, it counts the 54% of the world refugees.

Speaking of it, Afghanistan counts 2.7 million refugees, but almost all of them already found their peace in Iran and Pakistan, that is the second-ranked country in the world for hosting the refugees. It is estimated that there are around 1 million Afghanistan refugees more in Pakistan that are not officially recorded.

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