8 Highest Paying Countries For Psychologists

Which are the Highest Paying Countries For Psychologists? Depending on the location you choose, your salary can vary by a great margin, if you are a psychologist. If you have studied psychology, you’ll have an idea about psychoanalysis! You can even psychoanalyze your friends till they get tired! Psychologists are those who study the mental process and behavior of the people. They observe mental problems and come up with treatments to cure or understand it better. When compared to the old days, the awareness regarding mental illnesses and their different types is so much more today. Psychologists have become more important than ever. Many people usually are at a stage at one point in their life that they get counseled by a psychologist. It does not mean they are lunatics. Quite the contrary! They are wise enough to know that they are going through a rough patch and would do better with some help. The psychologists are usually employed as professors or as doctors. Professors usually conduct research or teach classes at universities.

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We obtained information from Investopedia, Gazette Review, and Before It’s News to complete this list. We used these sources to find the 30 most developed countries as not every country in the world had available statistics or rankings. The average pay of each country was found from PayScale. We then sorted the list from the highest to the lowest and selected the top eight! The country at the top is the one that pays the most.

A few of the Highest Paying Countries For Psychologists are Switzerland, China, and The United Arab Emirates. The average salary for psychologists in Switzerland is $88,304. Switzerland has a great public transport system and good quality houses can be found right next to the transport system! It is a highly developed country where many speak English. It’s an ideal place to settle down as their education and healthcare services are great as well! China pays an average of $67,368 a year to its psychologists. It’s quite an inexpensive place to settle down, not mention the cultural education you’ll receive when you plan to move here! The United Arab Emirates pays the psychologists an average of $67,329. They boast of having one of the most stable economies along with being a highly developed country. Many speak English and the pay is so great that they have made it to the top of our list!

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