8 Highest Paying Countries for Radiation Therapists

As a radiation therapist, you are exposed to various dangerous materials but low paychecks as well, which is why Insider Monkey made a list of 8 highest paying countries for radiation therapists.

The technological development made our lives easier in every sense and it is, besides the pleasure and everyday activities, created so that our health can be improved as well. But that isn’t always the case.


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Radiation therapists are there to really help us instantly. With their devices, they can both diagnose and treat us immediately but we all know that their environment isn’t really healthy nor for us who are exposed to all of that for one day in every couple of years, but especially for radiation therapists who practically live in those environments.

I really get their sacrifice, but to be honest, I would never give up on my life and allow myself to practically destroy my life for someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I am a kind of person that will always be there for people I know and people I never saw in my life but only as long as it doesn’t affect me in a bad matter.

And radiation is very dangerous. I mean, look at Maria Kirry. She risked her life for science and other people and how did she end up? Practically killed by her own accomplishment. I am not that selfless.

Unlike me, there are a lot of people who decide that being radiation therapists is their real call. They are willing to study as long as they have to in order to reach their goal and find the job in this profession. The real questions are: how easy is finding the job as a radiation therapist and how well are you paid as a radiation therapist?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report from 2014, there were 16,600 opened jobs as a radiation therapist in the United States only. According to their data from 2016, the median wage was around $80,000 on a yearly basis.
To find the highest paying countries for radiation therapists, Insider Monkey took data from several sources such as PayScale and SalaryExpert, as well as the Investopedia and Gazette Review. The first two sites were used for finding out the amount that radiation therapists earn on a yearly basis and the second two are used to find the most developed countries in the world. To see the results, click on 8 highest paying countries for radiation therapists.

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