8 Highest Paying Countries for Radiation Therapists

Now let’s take a look at fighting against cancer, so here is an article about the highest paying countries for radiation therapists. Unfortunately cancer is more and more common in modern society and we are all afraid of it. I think there is no a person throughout the whole world who hasn’t had a family member, friend or some of their acquintances combating this horrible disease. Now, if you are planning to change career, read Insider Monkey’s article published recently.

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As for me, cancer is rare in my family, but I always welcome new methods, with which doctors can fight against it. If you have an interest in medicine, but do not want to go to medical school, there are many alternatives when it comes to career choices. Radiation therapists are highly sought after and play a major role in cancer treatment in hospitals and medical offices. Radiation therapists treat cancer and other diseases by administering radiation treatments to patients. Radiation is one of the most common treatments for cancer and is used to destroy cancer cells

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked two countries from their list.

Belgium is not only a nice country but it also one of the most developed ones in the world. No wonder, that the average yearly salary of radiation therapists is  $70,663. Also, Belgium is one of the countries with the highest incomes earning in the world with $47,260 gross national income per capita in U.S. dollars. Finland is one of favourite countries, I really would like t live there. If you are radiation therapist you can earn up to  $72,743 per year! Finland is already known as one of the most stable and developed countries in the world and now it is also on the list as one of the countries with highest salaries for radiation therapists. Finland is two places higher on the list of countries with the highest income earning in the world taking 14th place with $48,420 Gross National Income per capita in US dollars. If I left my home I would choose Finland, or the other countries in Scandinavia. If you like beautifulk lakes, forest, and don’t mind a little colder weather, Findland woudl be the perfect choice for you.

For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about 8  highest paying countries for radiation therapists


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