8 Ways to Save Money on Cigarettes

If you are a smoker and feel that all of the money you earn goes on your terrible smoking habit and you don’t feel like quitting, there are 8 ways to save money on cigarettes without having to forget about your great love.

As I smoker, I have to admit that I am capable of spending the last few bucks I own just to be able to get a pack of smokes. I believe that I am addicted and that I would really have a hard time quitting it, but I believe that I would if I had to. The problem is that I really enjoy smoking and I prefer not to quit if there is a chance.


Pixabay/Public Domain

A few months back, my child had a problem which made everyone from our family run away from him if they had their cigarettes lit. Sure, they would go to their house and continue smoking as long as they wanted but what could I do? I didn’t have that big house or a room where he didn’t come. My boyfriend decided to quit but I refused to give up on my morning coffee and three cigarettes in the morning so I ended up, in the middle of the winter, outside each day, shaking, but still enjoying the view and my smokes.

I know that, if there wasn’t any other solution, I would quit as well, but even though I know that this habit is not healthy at all, I enjoy it and I am not going to quit if I don’t need to. I mean, what kind of life would that be if we gave up on everything we liked just because it is unhealthy? We only have one life and I strongly believe that everyone should enjoy it at the maximum. The only thing that I will never support are the substances that transform you completely, such as drugs.

However, I cry over my wallet each time the end of the month comes. The worst thing that I realized was that I count my money based on the packs of smokes that I would be able to buy and, based on that, I calculate for how many days I was going to have the money.

Luckily for me and people like me is that there are some ways to continue smoking and still save up some cash. Let’s see those 8 ways to save money on cigarettes.

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