Annual Letter about Tissot Ayram Partnership for 2017

One of the partners in Tissot Ayram Partnership explained in this letter how he started with investing, but also what he has learned during the years of investing in different jobs and projects. Thanks to that he has become an experienced stocker, recommending himself for future long-term investments as well as a partnership with large companies.

First of all, he described himself as “dude from garage”, who firstly worked from library, public internet restaurant and literally from his garage with one computer and internet connection. He made lot mistakes investing in those jobs, but he learned one thing. No matter how smart and insightful he was, finding himself keen and piercing, mistakes he made was being made even in the most successful businesses. Needed skills in those jobs were character and temperament. Sometimes is important to sell stocks at right time, sometimes the smartest decision was to hold them even their value is on the very high level.

Our brain, as he explained, is learned to keep us safe from dangerous situations, and his most important function is a prediction. More important, the brain is contained in numerous parts and functions and each of them has its own behavior and knowledge. They are functioning as a team. During all of those processes, those parts produce hormones and each of them affects our body and mind. Learning how the brain works we can use its functions and skills for situations that are not particularly connected with nature and dangerous, but closer to daily situations and doubts we have. He actually learned how to use his brain for investments in stocks.

Pixabay/Public domain

After that explanation, he moved to TPL (Texas Pacific Land Trust) and its growth during 70’s and after that, thanks to land possession and oil that was found on that land. This company (or he calls it “a trust”) measured growth in 2017 after few oscillations. It should grow to 40% in 2018. Another company with this large growth that year was MGP Ingredients. This company mostly focused on alcohol got great CEO Gus Griffin, who almost doubled their value. Author of this letter said that he is proud for being part of that growth and increasing of value during 2017.

He said something about Calloway’s Nurseries (CLWY), a 20-store chain of high-margin plant situated in Dallas. Besides those 20 stores, they own 11 another properties. This is not a big company, as the matter of fact, it is more a family company, with follows an assertive pattern – “slowly build a position, take control, repay debt,  meaningfully decrease expenses, sometimes down – list companies, and eventually make”.

He finally mentioned a consulting company Franklin Covey (FC) that has great future as an investment company. There are possible additional actions mentioned in this letter, as well as mistakes that author made with Gemini, which also proves how much he learned after years of doing this job.


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