Arrow Electronics to Bring New Level of Wifi Networking to Consumers by Partnering with Mojo Networks

Arrow Electronics (ARW) is teaming up with Mojo Networks, a enterprise wifi provider, to create one of the first Software-as-a-Service-based access point models, which will use Mojo’s technologies along with Arrow’s supply chain and cloud capabilities to cut hardware costs and create a new way of thinking of technology.

The two companies are hoping to “bring flexible, next-generation IT system solutions to our customers and resellers today,” said Arrow Chief Strategy Officer Cathy Morris. The partnership will allow for an accelerated hardware pace and software disaggregation, Morris said. The company said that while there have been issues with trying to do this concept before, Mojo’s wifi network will allow for them to remove the complexities.

“This is a huge step in establishing a marketplace where hardware costs are fair and reasonable and are no longer tied to the software that runs on those platforms,” said Mojo Chief Executive Officer Rick Wilmer.

Shares for Arrow Electronics were last trading down 0.7% at the close of trading Thursday.

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