Average Rent by Neighborhood in NYC: 10 Cheapest Places to Rent for Students

If you are a student and don’t have a big budget for a living, do you know more about the cheapest places to rent in NYC? While it is true that most of New York City has a higher cost of living index as compared to the rest of America, there are still places in the city with lower rental rates and sustainable qualities of life.

New York. City world, the world city, call it what you want. Everyone is in it, and everything is in it. A whole range of different nations and even more diverse people profiles. A city that many of you saw only in a movies, television and pictures, a city in which we must at least once leave. A city in which many would want to live. But whether you could afford it and if you could manage to get into it well. New York is one of the most expensive cities for life in the world, especially when you are a student. As a student budget, you are quite limited, you still do not have a permanent job and the cost of living, especially in New York, is quite high. So if you are a student and need to rent some place for living, do you know what are the cheapest places to rent in NYC? Astoria, Queens, used to be one of the most affluent neighborhoods in New York City. There are still some parts of the area resided by wealthy families, but there are more regions occupied by middle-class. Crown Heights might not have as many public transits and schools in the neighborhood as Astoria, but the difference in their rent costs is too big to ignore. Bedford-Stuyvesant might not have an excellent track record as compared to other neighborhoods in New York City, but if you want to find a place where rent is cheap. Accommodation is not the only item that is too expensive in New York. When talking about the costs of living in New York City, there are also transportation, food, clothes, cosmetics, going to the city, drinking and eating and many things to be escorted into this expensive metropolis. That is the reason why a lot of students who live in NewYork City work and study at the same time.

If you want to see more about cheapest places to rent in NYC, check Insider’s Monkey list of Average Rent by Neighborhood in NYC: 10 Cheapest Places to Rent for Students and find out more about this topic.

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