Best Countries to Invest in Real Estate in 2021

The real estate industry is one of the world’s oldest and most profitable industries. Real estate investors can invest in almost any part of the world. According to a new Forbes analysis, the real estate sector has become more worldwide and connected than ever before. The United States is ranked third in terms of foreign direct investment received. According to the latest statistics provided by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, real estate investment accounted for 10% of total foreign investment in the US in 2019. The majority of homes were purchased in Florida. It has never been easier to invest in real estate on a worldwide scale. Many businesses, such as Brookfield Asset Management Inc and American Tower Corp, provide real estate investing services. Only a few countries meet all of the requirements.

Insider Monkey highlights the list of the 20 best countries to invest in real estate in 2021. In the ranking of the top countries to invest in real estate in 2021, Poland is ranked 20th. Poland is a developing market with a lot of room for expansion. Over the last decade, the country’s rule of law has improved, and international investment has increased. In future years, the European Systemic Risk Board forecasts skyrocketing real estate values. In comparison to the previous fiscal year, real estate values in Germany increased by 8.1 percent in 2020-21. With an 11.7 percent increase in house price rates in 2021 compared to the previous fiscal year, Denmark ranks 18th. The average annual rise in real estate value in Denmark over the last 13 years is 2.8 percent. In Denmark, there will be no interest on home loans until 2021. Russia is ranked 17th. Based on 15 years of data, Russia has a real estate growth rate of 4.4 percent, making it one of the world’s fastest rising economies. The country has a developing economy with enormous development potential. Between 1992 and 2021, the UK’s average real estate growth rate was 4.4 percent. The country is ranked 16th. Low mortgage rates and high income make the country one of the best places to live. Canada is ranked 15th. There is a lot of land for sale in the country at extremely low prices. The average annual increase in housing prices is 1.8 percent, but given that most land is sold for pennies on the dollar, it’s a steal. Austria is ranked 14th. Based on statistics from 1987 to 2021, the country’s average house price increase rate was 4.2 percent. Austria is a wealthy country with well-developed social, political, and legal systems. For more countries on this list, click 20 Best Countries to Invest in Real Estate in 2021.

20 Best Countries to Invest in Real Estate in 2021


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