Best Countries to Live In Considering Climate Change

Climate change is posing existential threats to the world. Climate change can be referred to as the significant increase in Earth’s temperature due to activities like burning fossil fuels (leading to carbon emission), deforestation, and intensive agriculture. According to the Annual Climate Report 2020 report by NOAA, the land and ocean temperature have increased at an average of 0.08 degrees Celsius per decade since 1880. Despite this small number, the world has started to adopt green energy by focusing on renewable energy. Along with this, more and more companies are opting for reducing their carbon footprints.

Insider Monkey lists the 20 best countries to live in considering climate change. The list takes climate policies and overall green performance management of the countries into account. A small landlocked country in Western Europe, Luxembourg holds an advantage over climate due to its rural surroundings and dense forests. The tropical climate of Brazil and its policies regarding climate change contribute to its somewhat desirable future. Thailand’s renewable energy contributes roughly a third of overall power generation, with an energy capacity of nearly 15 GWs. Costa Rica aims to replace around 5% of the bus fleet with electric buses after every two years and has recently launched its first electric bus route. Morocco lays particular focus on the renewable energy sector. Hungary faces the dangers of droughts, food security, soil degeneration, and impacts on agriculture due to climate change. However, its climate change plan is directed to lessen these effects. With increasing heatwaves and less snow, France suffers the threat of adverse effects of climate change. France largely relies on renewable energy sources, with growing wind and solar power. Like many other countries, Netherlands also focuses on reducing 49% greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to impede the drastic effects of climate change. It ranks 13th in our list of best countries to live in considering climate change. To overcome the drastic climatic changes, United Kingdom has taken some aggressive climate change actions and aims to reduce carbon emissions by 68% by the end of this decade and 78% by 2035. The U.K. has also achieved an 11% fall in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 and is halfway to achieve net-zero emissions. More facts on countries on this list can be found in The 20 Best Countries to Live Considering Climate Change.

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