Best Heist Movies of All Time

A heist movie never goes out of style. From small-time criminals to big-time gangsters. Here are some of the all-time great heist movies. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, movie earnings dropped from $12 billion in 2020. It was the first decline in sharpness in more than two decades. Movie platform Netflix has signed licensing deals with various production houses to bring quality films to its platforms. According to reports, Netflix outbid a staggering one billion dollars. There is pressure on Netflix from other video-on-on-demand companies, though. Amazon has 200 million Prime subscribers. On year-over-year growth in Amazon Prime memberships for 2013. They reaped the rewards of their long-term investments. A good heist film is guaranteed to have a great night out on the town. An audacious team of thieves! the booty! Loot division! Scheming! Shoot-up and deadly dogfight. The heist story has three phases: pre-job, job, and then post-job. and back to the ‘one final task’ Robbers of today are more skilled, nimble, and astute. Investing in quick-and-and-easy (get-rich-quick) schemes has its fascinations. The characters clash and intermingle. As things seem to be falling into place, it’s a nice ending. Several “Cape Fear” clones have been made before. So which is the best? 

These are Insider Monkey’s best all-time heists. In the film, Now You See Me, Dave Franco, Harrel, and Isla Fisher star in the movie. No question about it, it’s a heist movie. The CIA Headquarters heist sequence is regarded as one of the best in the film “Mission: Impossible 1.” Inception is Nolan’s best film. Heimrich uses the plot of a heist and dreams into it. The storyline is based on the real-life outlaws Bonnie and Clyde. There are several bank heists and several police chases in the film. It is 22nd in this ranking. In Ronin, De Niro stars as Sam, an ex-CIA, who recruits a group of specialists to steal a mysterious suitcase. One of Kathryn Bigelow’s earlier films is Point Break. Keanu Reeves plays an FBI agent who infiltrates a group of blood addicts. It ranked 20th on the list of the greatest heist movies. This year has been Steven Soderberghi’s best effort yet. Logan Lucky has Adam Driver and Riley Keough. The short film is an enjoyable watch. For so many more on this list, click 25 Best Heist Movies of All Time.

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