Best Robinhood Stocks to Buy Right Now

Social media and meme trading have driven recent market price fluctuations. Young investors are cited as playing a major role in this change. Coinbase was valued at $86 billion in its IPO last month. Charlie Munger warned that cryptocurrencies were dangerously overvalued. Tesla, the electric car manufacturing company, has become a hot commodity amongst alternative energy investors, as well as cryptocurrency speculators with eccentric billionaire founder Elon Musk. It has become the most popular stock in Robinhood and Musk has kept the engagement of his young followers at the forefront. 

Insider Monkey presents the list of 10 best Robinhood stocks to buy right now. AMC Entertainment Holdings is headquartered in Kansas. The corporation has nearly a thousand theatres and 10,000 screens. The 52-week range of AMC stock is between $2 and $20. Sundial Growers is a producer and retailer of cannabis-related goods. Its 52-week range runs between $0.1-$3.9. The stock price has been fluctuating for several weeks. Shanghai-based manufacturer NIO was founded in 2014. It ranks 8th on the top ten-stock buying list. One of the world’s major electric vehicle manufacturers. NIO’s 52-week price range is $3 to $66. Aphria ranks 7th on the list of good Robinhood stocks. Solei, POF, and Broken Coast are all owned by the same company. Aphria’s 52-week price range is $3-$40. Zomedica was founded in 2013 and trades on the NYSE. The company focuses on developing and marketing pharmaceuticals for pets. The 52-week price range of Zomedica is $0.06-$2. To read more on these stocks, click 10 Best Robinhood Stocks to Buy Right Now.

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