Best Social Media Apps in 2021

Social media allows users to keep in touch with their relatives and friends. In recent years, there has been a significant rise not only in the number of these social media apps but also in the usage of social media apps. In comparison, the other social media apps are way behind Facebook, Inc. This means social media platforms are used by one in three people in the world and more than two-thirds of all internet users. Each app has its peculiar customer base. Moreover, 81% of people aged 30 to 49 use social media apps, 73% of people aged from 50 to 64 use social media and 45% aged 65 or above use social media, according to Pew Research Center….

Insider Monkey give a look at the 20 best social media apps in 2021 based on their popularity and the number of active monthly users. Reddit allows users to post, comment on and vote on content. Telegram has more focus on the users privacy and  empowers users to send messages that are encrypted and self-destructive. LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft Corporation and is easily one of the most popular professional social networking sites or apps and is available in over 20 languages. Pinterest is famous for its infographics, charts, images that users can “pin” on their “boards.” Millions of people share DIY projects, design ideas, information, knowledge, art and other projects on the app. The VKontakte social media app is owned by Group Limited (OTC: MLRYY), a Russian internet company. The YY social media app is owned by JOYY Inc. YY is a major video-based social networking platform in China that enables group video chats. Snapchat is an image messaging social platform that enables users to chat with their friends by using pictures. Naver Corporation (KSE: 035420) is the owner of the social media app LINE, which is a messaging social network that enables users to share photos, videos, text messages and even audio messages or files. Sina Corporation (NASDAQ: SINA) owns the Sina Weibo app. The users can also share photos, videos, and audio messages, using Viber. It offers the users the ability to call to non-Viber users through a feature named Viber Out. Skype allows the users to connect with people through voice calls, video calls (using a webcam) and text messaging. Furthermore, the users can even conduct group conference calls. For the more prominent apps and their users, click to read The 20 Best Social Media Apps in 2021.

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