Best Stocks For Beginners with Little Money

There are many questions and uncertainties that cross the mind of an individual who wants to start investing in stocks. Take the COVID-19 pandemic, which has devastated the world over the past year and left businesses reeling. There was an immediate shift in the market towards value stocks from high growth stocks. Morgan Stanley recently resumed covering Plug Power Inc with an Equal Weight rating and a $35 price target. Another notable company that you can invest in with little money is Ford Motor Company. The bank said that Ford Motor Company is expected to post upbeat Q1 results. 

For beginner investors, it is especially important to be aware of the market direction at any given point in time. Similarly, as the demand for travel to tourist hotspots after a year in lockdown skyrockets, entertainment firms like MGM Resorts International have announced the expansion of casino gaming operations and special offerings to attract more customers. However, there is also reason to be cautious of blindly following the crowd.

Insider Monkey gives a list of the 10 best stocks for beginners with little money. Zynga Inc. is a San Francisco-based game developer that markets video games as social experiences. BMO Capital was of the view that Zynga was the best bet on the mobile game market that was growing in importance in the gaming industry globally. FAT Brands Inc. is a Beverly Hills-based firm that owns and runs several restaurant franchises worldwide. Last month, FAT Brands announced that it had signed an agreement with media solution provider Stingray Business and digital media collective Space Factory Media for custom music, insights, and systems solutions. Voyager Therapeutics, Inc. is a Cambridge-based biotechnology firm that concentrates on the development of gene therapy treatments for neurological diseases. These include drugs for the treatment of Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and others. Nokia Corporation is Finland-based multinational telecommunication, information technology, and consumer electronics firm. The agreement mentions the deployment of the AirScale line from Nokia, including AirScale base stations and AirScale radio access products. VerifyMe, Inc. is a New York-based technology firm primarily in the cybersecurity business. One of the more famous products of the firm is RainbowSecure, a new technology that uses invisible ink and a proprietary tuned laser to enable counterfeit products to be exposed. More companies are listed in this article: 10 Best Stocks For Beginners with Little Money.



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