Best Stocks to Buy in 2021 According to Billionaire D.E. Shaw

David E. Shaw, the founder of DE Shaw and Co., is a computer scientist and a hedge fund manager. His investment firm has been around since and is known for developing algorithms and mathematical models to take advantage of market anomalies. DE Shaw and Co., one of the largest multi-strategy hedge funds globally, has consistently delivered double-digit returns for the past eight years. In 2020, the company’s hedge fund gave returns of 19.4%. The firm’s philosophy is to invest in areas that are innovative, risk-controlled, and quality-of-work. His firm uses a unique set of methods to manage its portfolio. These include the use of computational technology and quantitative methods. It regularly uses diverse investments such as real estate and technology. 

Insider Monkey delves into 10 Best Stocks to Buy in 2021 According to Billionaire D.E. Shaw. NIO Inc. is an electric vehicle manufacturer founded in Shanghai in 2014. It is known for developing high performance and smart vehicles. NIO is a leading electric vehicle maker. Its market cap is more than $62 billion. It has a robust revenue stream of more than $2.4 billion in 2019. Next is Merck & Co., Inc., known for Keytruda, which is the top-selling drug in the world to treat cancer. The company recently invested in a single-use production facility in France. It also completed the acquisition of Pandion Therapeutics. Wells Fargo & Company is a bank holding company founded in 1929. It is the largest financial institution in the US and one of the largest in the world. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is a holding company that owns various large businesses in the US. It also has minority stakes in several global corporations. Square, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey. The company mainly focuses on mobile payments and financial services. For the leading companies in his stock picks, click 10 Best Stocks to Buy in 2021 According to Billionaire D.E. Shaw.



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