Billionaire Paul Singer’s Top 5 Stock Picks

Today we have brought up with billionaire Paul Singer’s top 5 stock picks, based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. Billionaire Paul Singer’s hedge fund Elliott Investment Management underperformed in the year of 2020, nevertheless it was able to gain a 12.7% return on its investments. The firm was launched in 1977 by Paul Singer. Elliott is famous for its activist positions, and Singer took nearly 16 new activist positions in 2020. In the last couple of years, Elliott increased its strategy of investing in small firms, and now it’s about to invest in larger tech firms.

And now, without a further ado let’s check out what Insider Monkey has investigated for you. eBay Inc. stands on the fourth spot. eBay position has gained a lot since the beginning of 2019, as its e-commerce has increased by nearly 60% for the past one year. What’s more, eBay offers dividends to investors, and raised the quarterly dividend by 12.5% to $0.18 per share. According to Steel City Capital, at year end the company will have around $4.6 billion in cash and will get another $2 billion after-tax proceeds. Howmet Aerospace Inc. stands on the second spot. It’s the second-biggest e stock holding of Paul Singer’s 13F portfolio. The value of its shares has decreased by 10% for the past one year, although in the end of 2020 it saw some growth. The company operates in  the aerospace industry negatively, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was heavily influenced by the lockdowns. The largest shareholder is Elliot Investment Management. The company is involved in advanced engineered solutions for the aerospace and transportation industries including jet engine components, aerospace fastening systems, and titanium structural parts. For more detailed information, please click and jump to the billionaire Paul Singer’s top 5 stock picks.

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