Clever Bumble Bios For Guys

If you’d like to know about some really clever Bumble bios for guys, you came to the right place. Insider Monkey recently published an article with the same title 20 clever Bumble bios for guys that listed one of the best examples. Dating has never been easier and yet it has become increasingly harder to stand out among the thousands of profiles each person reviews.

clever bumble bios for guys

We aren’t reveal the exact bios but we will list the general categories:

10. One liner bio: come up with a short one liner. It will fail 99% of the time, but it will hit the right chord once in a while.

9. Useless fact bio: I can’t whistle. If that’s a problem for you, this isn’t going to work out.

8. Pop culture favorites bio: I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.

7. My favorite things: Eating ice cream from the carton with a big spoon, when it’s a big holiday weekend and it feels like the city is empty, Romantic poetry (that’s right, capital R not lowercase), poop jokes and Adam Sandler movies.

6. List of likes bio: This is also very similar to #7 but in a list format

5. By day/by night bio: This is again a one liner that lists what you do for work by day, and for fun at night.

4. Short and clear bio: I’m on Bumble because the women on Grinder were horrendous!

3. Background bio: I consume a lot of ESPN and food network.

2. Likes plus height bio if you are tall: Hopefully you like blue eyes and sarcasm. 6’0″

1. Great sum up bio: Guitar and music is my hobby. Jesus, fatherhood and hiking is my life. Coffee in the morning, wine and whiskey at night.

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