Fastest Growing Jobs in America

The job market in the United States is trying to cope with the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. Experts say that people who were laid off as a result of the pandemic do not want to return to work under the current conditions (low hourly pay and little to no job security). Following the pandemic, the restaurant business has been the hardest hit by staff shortages. McDonald’s Corporation has announced plans to hire 20,000 individuals in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Another behemoth,, Inc., is experiencing labor shortages. According to a Deloitte report, the top concern for the workforce in the United States is automation. The World Economic Forum cautions that closing the labour gap is becoming increasingly urgent. Working with Microsoft, Alphabet, or Google could be an excellent career choice.

This list of 15 fastest growing jobs in America was compiled by Insider Monkey. Experts in verbal-voice communication are speech-language pathologists. They are educated in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of language and speech impairments. Speech-language pathologists earn an average of $79,120 per year. Roustabouts come in second on the list of the 15 fastest expanding jobs in America, with a 25 percent growth rate projected through 2029. Roustabouts work in oil fields across the country and earn $38,910 per year. Drills, pumps, drilling decks, tools, and all other equipment are kept clean. The average yearly income for oil and gas rotary drill operators is $54,980. From 2019 to 2029, the number of jobs is predicted to increase by 27%. Derrick operators work on oil and gas drilling rigs, operating and positioning derricks. They have a yearly income of $46,990. Data scientists are analysts who collect, analyze, and process information. By 2029, data science positions are predicted to grow by 31%, with an average compensation of $94,280 per year. The country has the most data scientists in the world. An information security analyst is a specialist who is trained to keep a company’s sensitive data and information safe. The average annual pay is $99,730. According to the survey, information security occupations are predicted to grow by 31% in the next several years. Jobs for physician assistants are predicted to expand by 31% between now and 2029. They have a yearly income of $112,260. Physician assistants, like doctors, can write prescriptions. For more details, click 15 Fastest Growing Jobs in America.



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