Fastest Growing UK Companies

The United Kingdom has the world’s fifth-largest economy, with a GDP of $2.64 trillion in 2020. This is a 10% decrease over the previous year. The British Empire accounted for roughly ten percent of world GDP in 1870. It was the first industrialized country on the planet. Until 1947, India, the world’s second-largest country, was a part of the British Empire. London is a prominent worldwide business hub, with numerous Fortune 500 companies headquartered there. In 2020, at least 77 firms from the country made the Forbes Global 2000 list. GlaxoSmithKline plc is one of the world’s largest biotech businesses. The United Kingdom is the world’s fifth-largest exporter and importer of goods. It has the third-largest inbound foreign direct investment and the fifth-largest outbound foreign direct investment. Nearly half of the UK’s imports and exports come from European Union countries. For the past 15 years, the country has been a net importer of oil, yet it has significant reserves. The Covid-19 virus first appeared in China, then spread fast to Italy, and then to other European countries. More than 4.3 million people in the UK have been infected with the virus, with more than 127,000 people dying as a result. The country’s GDP dropped by about 22.6 percent in the first half of 2020, the worst recession in the company’s history. The United Kingdom is a global leader in the distribution of vaccines to its inhabitants. While many businesses have failed and were forced to file for bankruptcy, the majority of the larger corporations have the reserves and clout to survive. 

Insider Monkey takes a look at the fastest growing UK companies, starting with number 15: Enigma is a rapidly expanding digital business that provides its clients with data infrastructure, developer-friendly APIs, and intelligent tools. The Ink Factory is an independent production company that has worked on a number of films, including The Night Manager, The Little Drummer Girl, and Fighting with My Family. Digital Shadows makes software that protects you from digital threats and sells it to a variety of businesses and customers. Push Doctor was the first company in the UK to offer video consultations with patients via cellphones, and it was formed in 2013. It presently has 5.4 million people and is the ideal answer in the event of a pandemic, which might enhance the company’s rating next year. Paddle is a revenue delivery platform that was the fastest-growing software firm in the UK in 2018, earning it a well-deserved placement on the list of the fastest-growing UK businesses. Privitar is a firm that specializes in privacy engineering, with the purpose of ensuring that privacy and technology can coexist. FACEIT is the next company on the list of the 15 fastest-growing companies in the United Kingdom. The company, which was founded in London in 2012 and is an e-sports platform with over 15 million members, creates leagues with large prize pools for champions. For more details, click 15 Fastest Growing UK Companies.


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