Graham & Doddsville Issue

We came across the very interesting student-led investment publication of Columbia Business School (CBS) is co-sponsored by the Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing and the Columbia Student Investment Management Association (CSIMA). As its 33rd edition, it has many interesting topics and interviews, but we managed to provide you a short brief trough the edition, while the whole paper you will be able to see at the link provided at the end of this article.
They started with the interview with one of the most interesting professors at this college professor Bruce Greenwald, who is about to end its working career at this college before the retirement. He told how he started his career, and how he found himself in Columbia.
He was a very successful teacher, with numerous awards for teaching awarded from Columbia, but also Business School Teaching Award and many more. The student also like him and his class is always oversubscribed, so he is the very interesting person to talk with about business and teaching.
Along with him, the G&D journalist talk with his collaborators Mark Cooper, who was one of his students before. He explained how their cooperation started, why he chose Bruce as his mentor and how his career goes after that.
“I had already made the decision to become an equity investor. I read The Intelligent Investor when I was in my Army officer training in the fall of 1991, and I had been investing in stocks since I was a teenager. In my opinion, I made a pretty simple decision after asking myself, “Where do I think I can get the best education to become a value investor?” Columbia was actually the only place I applied to for business school.”

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After few stocks analysis, there is another interesting comparative interview with Michael Mauboussin, the author of three books about business and education and a professor at Columbia and Tom Digenan is the head of the US Intrinsic Value Equity team at UBS Asset Management. Not only that Tom is a strategist in this investor company but also a president of its mutual funds and relationship funds organization. They also talked about their beginnings and background, and how they decided to become the investors.
As you can see, many interesting information and opinions are provided in this edition. If you are interested to find many more things you can go to the entire publication at this link.


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