Largest Dairy Companies in the World

The dairy industry is worth half a trillion dollars. Future GDP is estimated at $587 billion. Milk production is estimated to be one of the world’s most important agricultural products. It is a major agricultural commodity in nearly all countries. 14% of all agricultural trade and is derived from the dairy industry. Despite the vitality of the dairy industry, prices fell considerably in the second half of 2019 but later recovered. People all over the world are becoming more health-conscious about what they put in their bodies. The Dairy Council represents tens of thousands of U.S. dairy farmers. Up to 75% of African-Americans and up to 90% of Asian-Americans are lactose intolerant. Over 10% of the world’s protein is derived from dairy. The US, India, Pakistan, and Brazil are the world’s top milk producers. India produces 22% of the world’s GDP. South Asia has always been a major supplier of milk in recent years. the world’s largest milk producer, then India.

 Insider Monkey takes a look at the companies which have ensured the steady supply of one of the most important agricultural products in the world, starting with number 15: Savencia has nearly 20,000 employees. The domain was formerly known as Bong. Sodiaal has several different brands, including Regilait and Entremont. It was founded in 1964. Meiji Milk Industries is a major confectionery and dairy company. In 190 countries, Unilever has more than 300,000 employees. More than $50 billion dollars. $6 billion comes from the dairy industry. Over 7,700 employees work for DM Group in Germany. It was set up in 2011. Saputo has $11 billion in annual sales. It employs nearly 17,000 people. In 2000, Arla Foods and MD Foods merged to form Arla. It is based in Viby. More of these companies are in the article 15 Largest Dairy Companies in the World.


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