Money can be Immoral

Andy Serwer, editor in chief in Yahoo Finance interviewed Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman, about actual questions that are connected with his company, and him itself. This article summarizes few very interesting claims that Charlie said, and some of them are neglecting of the previous statements said by Charlie in interviews.

Charlie was delighted with Elon Musk, famous CEO of Tesla and surely one of the most intriguing people in past few years. He called him “bold and brilliant”, and somebody who “swings for the fences”. He said that nobody expected that he will be as interesting and attractive as he is, especially when he told that he is investing in making the candies and chocolate. Because of this metaphorical answer to Buffet’s tweet Charlie called him wise-assery.
When it comes to the bitcoin, Charlie was not that positive. As the matter of fact, he called bitcoin immoral. As he said, trading with imaginative money that actually does not have intrinsic value behind is a combination of dementia and immorality, comparing it with the selling of “harvested baby brains”. He admits that the greatest thing about bitcoin is software that stands behind that money, but the value of the money will decrease or increase, and that depends from the market and not of usual facts that effect on money.

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The journalist was eager to know what will happen with China and their companies and investments in that country. The main question is if they will invest in China buying their companies. He answered that they will only be called to buy part of the companies and nothing more. However, he was very delightful with China and he was maybe the only one who is happy because of their economic growth. Thanks to that, they get out of poverty and obscurity.
Finally, the most intriguing question that journalist asked Charlie was his mellowing on Trump. Everybody knows that he called him sick in one of the previous interviews, so it was interesting that now he claims that he is not mad at Donald Trump at all. Explaining that the book “The Decline and fall of the Roman Empire” that he re-read recently had a great impact on him and thanks to it he became a much better man than before. That affected his behavior and impression about people including Donald Trump.
Like he explained, nothing is gained with anger and people should not hate people, because there are much bigger things than we are, and many things are not as we may seem at first glance. Politicians are never so bad that we do not live them back, so there will come a time when we would love Trump to back to politics. However, Romans was much more advanced than we are today, mostly in their behavior with political opponents.

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