Most Conservative Major Cities in the United States

Conservatism is generally described as the social and political philosophy that mainly promotes traditional social institutions. In the U.S., there is definitely a clear distinction between conservative and liberal cities that become highly relevant during elections where most conservatives support the republican party, and most liberals support the democratic party. Socially the conservatives in the United States are mainly concerned with social issues like opposition to abortion, lobbying against gambling, advocacy against drug usage, opposition to pornography, opposition to same-sex marriage, support for school prayer and support for school vouchers.

Insider Monkey’s list of The 10 Most Conservative Major Cities in the United States starts with Bristol, Tennessee, part of Sullivan County. The UPM Pharmaceuticals’ manufacturing facility is situated at nearly seven acres of land in this historic Bristol, Tennessee city. One of the most popular cities among Republicans and the conservative population of America is Burleson, Texas. Conservatives are attracted to Burleson due to its high quality of life, good schools, low crime rates, low taxes, provides a family-friendly environment and high paying jobs. The city of Asheboro in North Carolina is located in the Piedmont plateau region of North Carolina. In the past three presidential elections, votes for the Republican candidates outnumbered Democratic party candidate votes two to one in Alabaster. In fact, the city has voted Republican in every presidential contest since 1980, and a striking 75 percent of Alabaster’s registered voters identify themselves as Republicans. In Enid, Oklahoma, the major reason behind the increase in diversity is the influx of the Latino population between 2000 and 2010 as the Latino population in the city doubled, from nearly 5 percent of the total population to more than 10 percent in that period. Burger King was one of the first fast-food brands that opened its franchise in Enid, Oklahoma. For cities that top this list, read The 10 Most Conservative Major Cities in the United States.


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