Most Profitable Fast-Food Chains

The fondness people have for fast-food restaurants can be attributed to almost all of them today harmonize with the audience’s demands. This resulted in several restaurants shifting their dine-in facilities to drive-thrus, takeaways, pickups, and even cloud kitchens. For example, being a pizza chain, Pizza Hut has partnered with Beyond Meat to bring plant-based meat pizzas to its customers to give our healthier meals. Despite keeping up with the changing times, the onset of the pandemic resulted in a substantial dent in the revenues of the fast-food industry.

Insider Monkey’s list of the 20 most profitable fast-food chains starts with Tim Hortons; one of the most distinctive features of the chain is that it provides the nutritional information on most menu items, catering to its concerned health enthusiast audience. Overall, the chain reported a 15.7% decline in sales to $1.2 billion in 2020. The Wendy’s Company operates under Wendy’s Company. Wendy’s is a quick-service chain that became famous for its square beef patties, made with fresh beef. Jack in the Box is one of the oldest fast-food chains that was founded in 1951 in California. The chain has an audience in the U.S., with around 2,200 outlets in over 21 states. Panera Bread Company is an atypical American bakery-café chain with over 2,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to the delivery of its menu items, Panera Bread introduced the delivery of groceries during the pandemic. Papa John’s is a significant name in the pizza delivery chains, besides Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, and Domino’s. The famous Cheese Pizza, Chicken & Veggie Pizza, and Papa’s Garden Salad are cooked by keeping a balanced amount of proteins, fibre, calories, etc. Founded in 1962 in California, Taco Bell is one of the most famous fast-food chains due to its culture-centric menu. Taco Bell has also expanded its menu to raise health awareness among its customers with Bean Burritos and Power Menu Bowl. As the name suggests, Dunkin’ Donuts was primarily known for its doughnuts and coffee but now includes a wide range of sandwiches, salads, and beverages on its menu. The chain generated over $1.3 billion in revenues in 2020. Arby’s has around 3,400 outlets worldwide and has opened its first outlet in Mexico in late 2020. Arby’s revenue for the year 2020 stood at $3.8 billion. Little Caesars is the pizza chain that ultimately became famous due to its catchphrase ‘Pizza! ‘Pizza!. So many more companies listed with their owners in this article. Click 20 Most Profitable Fast-Food Chains to read up.


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