Most Profitable Livestocks for Small Farms

Which are the most profitable livestock for small farms? If you want to do some home business, you must see whether it is profitable to do it. Being a small farmer, you have to see what type of livestock you can invest in. This depends mainly on your choice, time you can give, and the ability to invest. Farmers more or less are dependent on the market’s demand. To start with, you can contact local restaurants as to their preferences of products and then get into a contract with them for long-term supplies of your products. The recent trends point out to organic products as they fetch a higher price. Organic livestock means that the animals are fed chemical-free food and there is no use of pesticides or fertilizers. Only natural manure is used which you get from the livestock you keep.

Image Credit: Pixabay

When you have a livestock, it means that you are also producing livestock food and are involved in plant cultivation. You will have a farm where animals could be kept and you can also grow food there on the farm. You should also have a thorough knowledge of the animals you are rearing. You should know about their diseases, food preferences etc. So let us have a look at which livestock are the most profitable for small farms. We have made a study and took advice and suggestions from UC Small Farm Program, Morning Chores, Farmers, Creed and Hobby Farms. Farm Creeds gave us an insight into the investment on food and the final products which happen to be meat. We balanced the findings to arrive at the profitability of livestock business.

Honeybees, sheep, and rabbits are some of the most profitable livestock for small farms. Those keeping Honeybees require some knowledge of bees, such as, what they need, what disease affects them and more. They need less space and later what you produce is sold as honey. You require as less as $150 to start this business with 3 pounds of bees to harvest. Sheep is yet another animal that you can rear. It gives wool as its product and its meat is also consumed by people. There are many breeds to choose from. By nature, sheep are shy animals, therefore, a high degree of patience is required. Rabbits are not expensive to breed and they also do not require much space. Hutches can be purchased cheaply for them to live in. They produce rich manure which can result in your producing organic products. Their meat and fur are the products that you can sell.

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